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Augment actual areas with intelligent and autonomous 3D content
for superior training, education or entertainment.

On-the-spot augmented reality applications

Augmented reality apps are developed where users can perform missions in various operational settings, carry out mission goals, react to threats, learn and coordinate actions with other entities without any human supervision.

Accurate scans
(outdoors or indoors)

Actual areas are accurately 3D scanned, uploaded and managed through a growing community of “augmented area” providers.

Hosting, serving, management and analytics

Augmented reality apps are hosted and served to end users for live immersive, engaging experiences while behavioral data are collected for useful analytics/statistics upon the completion of such experiences.

Serious Games for Training

Problem: Training for a variety of near-realistic scenarios (combined with expensive weaponry like tanks and aircrafts in a military example) involves high costs, long setup / preparations / arrangements, safety hazards, relocations to special training areas, and more.
Solution: Our development platform integrates advanced behavior models into immersive, on-the-spot training applications.

Serious Games for Education

Problem: On-the-spot learning lies heavily on the imagination of students triggered by their teacher’s words, causing low material absorption and ambiguities.
Solution: Our serious games focus in the pedagogic experience and intelligent tutoring.

Games for Entertainment

Problem: Areas with no touristic attractions or natural beauties need to find ways to pull consumers. Gamers stay seated in their rooms for long hours daily.
Solution: Our “play outdoors” gaming alternatives provide similar challenges and game-like experiences.


See some illustrated concepts

Solution Graph

SAAS Platform

Augmented Entertainment Scene

Augmented Cultural Heritage Scene

Augmented Military Scene (Trainee View)

Augmented Military Scene (Trainer View)


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